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Students nationwide mobilize to return the $30 billion dollars of waste in the federal aid system to students by writing the National Tuition Endowment Act. The principle is simple:

Students Investing in Students

Read about the April 18, 2006 U.S. Senate Staff Briefing.



The National Tuition Endowment is proud to cooperate with other student organizations:

American Student Association of Community Colleges

Institute for College Access and Success

Minnesota State College Student Association (MSCSA)

Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA)

National Association of Graduate and Professional Students

Project on Student Debt

State PIRGs Higher Education Project

Student Loan Watch

Tuition Freeze

Tuition Reform Action Committee

United States Student Association (USSA)

The appearance of this website does not reflect an endorsement of the National Tuition Endowment Act by Columbia University or the Columbia University Senate.
The Columbia University Senate is hosting this Web site as a courtesy to the student members on the Student Affairs Committee.

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